Acupuncture for Fertility

We understand your struggle. Whether you are just beginning to plan for a family or have been on a longer journey to conceive, we are here to help. The Sage Wellness Acupuncture for Fertility program has helped hundreds of women conceive naturally as well as helped our patients get pregnant in conjunction with IVF and IUI procedures. We treat both female and male fertility and are passionate about helping women and couples make their dream of having a baby come true.


Acupuncture for Natural Fertility

The Sage Wellness Acupuncture for Fertility program has helped hundreds of women conceive naturally. The Sage Wellness Fertility Program will study and assess your entire health profile and often diagnose imbalances that can cause infertility even if hormone levels are showing “normal”. We then treat these imbalances naturally to help boost your fertility. After our initial meeting, we develop a customized treatment plan with acupuncture, Chinese fertility herbal medicine, dietary recommendations and health coaching to put your body into a highly receptive state for fertility and pregnancy. We provide a caring and supportive environment and believe in nurturing and nourishing yourself first in order to get pregnant.

Acupuncture helps in the following areas:

44 Going Through IVF With Frozen Embryo

"I was elated to find out that I was pregnant under her care"

I am a 44-year-old female who has been trying to get pregnant for the past year. I have gone through two IVF cycles before I got pregnant with a frozen embryo transfer left over from an egg by the second IVF cycle. Prior to the transfer, I went to Debbie Valentin to prepare me for the frozen embryo cycle. I was immediately impressed by how caring and knowledgeable she was. She was sympathetic to my concerns and put me at ease right away with her professional bedside manner. I was elated to find out that I was pregnant under her care. Miracles do happen and it happened to me with the help of Debbie. Forever thankful for her service.

K.K., Teacher

Pregnant After Miscarriage

"Conceived naturally during the 3rd cycle"

I came to Sage Wellness because I was trying to get pregnant. I was devastated that I got pregnant and had a miscarriage after trying for some time. I came for treatment to rebuild myself and for support. The practitioners there treated me with acupuncture and after 2 cycles post miscarriage I conceived naturally during the 3rd cycle! Today I have a beautiful baby boy. I am so grateful for Sage Wellness’s care and expertise. 

Emily F.


"I am beyond thrilled to say I am 4 months pregnant!!"

I was diagnosed with low AMH from the reproductive endocrinologist and I was devastated to hear that my chances of getting pregnant were very low. I went to Sage Wellness to see what I can possibly do to increase my chances of getting pregnant, although I knew this would not be easy. I met with both Deb and Sara. They put me on a protocol of acupuncture sessions and I had to take Chinese herbs and supplements.  I am beyond thrilled to say I am 4 months pregnant!! I whole heartedly believe in their care and highly recommend friends and family.

Barbara C, NYC

From No Periods to Pregnant!

"I fell pregnant naturally without any medical interventions or drugs"

My husband and I are eternally grateful for Deb’s consummate care and compassionate disposition! She taught me to track my temperature and become in tune to my body’s natural rhythm. Deb’s listening ear, calm demeanor and encouragement were just as critical to my care as the knowledgeable treatment. (My husband refers to Deb as my sanity). Now through the first trimester, we are overjoyed to welcome our first baby in August. As we anxiously await our little one, not a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings for finding Deb!

Carolyn, Manhattan


IUI/IVF Support

When you are going through IVF it is not only an emotional roller coaster ride but also can be financially draining. You are looking for everything to help boost your chances of getting pregnant.

Did you know?

Acupuncture During the IUI/IVF Stages:

Acupuncture helps to correct imbalances in the reproductive system that may be impeding a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.  Therefore, the most optimal time to start acupuncture is 2-3 months before undergoing IVF to help correct those imbalances and support the reproductive system thus enabling a healthier uterine environment for IVF. Once a woman is undergoing IVF, acupuncture helps to:


enhanced follicle growth & egg quality

Follicular Stimulating Stage

Ideally, we’ll see patients twice during their stimulation phase.  This is when follicle stimulating drugs are administered to enhance follicle growth.  The main goal is to produce a good amount of eggs and good quality eggs.  Acupuncture during this time helps to support the reproductive system and stimulates follicular growth.


enhance blood flow & remove obstructions

Retrieval Stage

During the retrieval, when the eggs are retrieved from the ovaries to be fertilized, I like to see patients before their retrieval for acupuncture. This helps to bring blood flow to the ovaries and remove any obstructions such as dampness or blood stasis to help fertilization take place.


Relaxing & priming for implantation

Transfer Stage

This is normally the time of anxiety.  It is finally here to transfer the fertilized eggs.  I see patients before their transfer and then 24 to 48 hours after their transfer.  Acupuncture given before transfer enables blood flow to the uterus, helps to relax the patient thus relaxing muscles and priming the uterine environment for implantation.


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