Acupuncture treatments naturally target internal imbalances in the body in order to get to the root issues of the underlying health disorder. Acupuncture helps to restore “equilibrium” in the internal system in the body so that health issues are alleviated in a natural way. Some of the benefits of acupuncture is that it helps to stimulate blood and energy flow, increase immunity, increase fertility and decrease pain. Other treatments modalities used at Sage Wellness are cupping, moxibustion and gua sha treatments.


Other modalities


Therapeutic Suction Therapy


Cupping is a therapeutic tool using small cups that suction to the surface of the body. Cupping is used to treat muscle tightness and pain as well as heat disorders.  Common areas that cupping is applied to is the back and neck.


Warming Local Herbal Medicine


Moxibustion is a therapeutic modality used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a warming technique using dried herbs that are burned and held close to the surface of the skin. Moxa comes in different forms including, cone, pole, loose as well as a form put on an acupuncture needle. There are many benefits of moxa therapy. It can treat pain, infertility, fatigue, menstrual cramps, digestive system issues as well as many more health issues.


Timeless Jade Tool

Gua sha

Gua Sha is another treatment modality in Traditional Chinese medicine using a specific tool that is scraped over specific areas of skin. “Sha” or redness can appear in the area where gua sha is applied. Gua Sha is used to relieve and release tight muscles,  along the neck, back and face


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