Holistic Women's Health

We support holistic women’s health during every stage of their health journey from teens to mature adults including hormonal imbalances, pregnancy symptoms, menopause — and more. We help resolve health concerns with natural effective treatments, of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, dietary recommendations

Acupuncture helps in the following areas:

Navigating Menopause with Ease

"Highly recommend Deb for women going through changes in their body"

I was introduced to Deborah Valentin by my GYN. I was looking for someone who I could talk to about alternative medicine. Natural ways to deal with the changes in my body. I met Debra and she sat down with me and asked me a series of questions. She was patient and very knowledgeable about natural remedies and foods that I should be eating for my health and wellness. I started taking what she recommended for my condition and it really worked. I would highly recommend Deb for women going through changes in their body.

Andrea W.

Mindful, Gentle, and Intentional

"A trusted place to go for acupuncture treatment in NYC"

I had a wonderful experience at Sage Wellness and loved my sessions with Sara. She was attentive, mindful, gentle, and intentional. The entire team is responsive and helpful. If you are looking for a trusted place to go for acupuncture treatment in NYC, please go here!

Jane Mills

Period Back After Over a Year

"I would give 6 stars if I could!"

Deb/Sara are incredible!! I began my acupuncture journey a few months ago, after it was suggested by my endocrinologist. I went off birth control and hadn’t gotten my period in over a year. Within three months of acupuncture and herbs, I magically got a period!! I don’t know how it works, but it definitely does. Deb/Sara are so kind and thoughtful, which made the process even more rewarding and special. I would give 6 stars if I could! Thank you thank you Deb/Sara!!

Jenna P., NYC

Acupuncture Helped My Migraines

"Sage Wellness has truly helped my life and well being"

I came to Sage Wellness after suffering debilitating migraines. I would get them up to three times per week and began to lose track of what triggered them. I began to miss work and social events because of my migraines. A friend introduced me to Deb at Sage Wellness. After going to weekly acupuncture session and having herbs, my migraines are down to once a month and completely manageable. The treatments I had at Sage Wellness have truly helped my life and well being. I highly recommend their services!

Josephina, Consultant


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