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Acupuncture NYC & Chinese Herbal Medicine

At Sage Wellness Acupuncture NYC, we believe the body can heal and we address physical, emotional, and lifestyle aspects to understand the root imbalances that are causing physical and emotional symptoms. We see ourselves as your trusted health partner that will seek to address the core of your health issues and not just the symptoms. We tailor customized solutions that will actually heal your whole body. We then take a holistic health approach to your health and support the body’s natural healing process through acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary recommendations, health coaching, and moxibustion therapy. Whether you are trying to get pregnant, suffering from anxiety, migraines or IBS, we are to help. We offer caring support in a beautiful relaxed environment. We believe in a partnership of care to help you tackle your health problems naturally.

“I started working with Deb after two failed rounds of IVF and three years of trying to conceive. Now six months after the birth of my son, I am returning for postpartum care! I highly recommend Sage Wellness.”

Liz E.
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Deb Valentin Sage Wellness Acupuncturist

Deb Valentin, M.S., L.Ac

My mission from the beginning was to help others. I believe in combining my love for medicine with really excellent patient care.

These are some of the conditions that we treat:

Acupuncture for Fertility

Holistic Women’s Health

Acupuncture for Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

General Health and Wellness

Grateful to become a mother!

“I am so indebted to Deb. I came to her because my husband and I were having some trouble getting pregnant. She taught me about my body and my cycles, she supported me emotionally and through her acupuncture and herbs prepared my body to conceive. During each trimester of my pregnancy she supported my body and addressed my symptoms. I have a beautiful baby boy and had a wonderful pregnancy and delivery. Thank you thank you thank you Deb from the bottom of my heart!”

Brooke B.

Now IBS Free!

“I came to Sage Wellness because I was suffering from IBS symptoms. I met with Deb and I immediately felt a sense of trust and compassion. She helped me with diet as well as other recommendations. The acupuncture always made me feel at peace. I also took daily herbs which she prescribed. I began to see the difference, I had increased energy and my stomach began to feel better. I now do not suffer from IBS symptoms and I am able to manage my diet and stress so the symptoms do not flare up.”

Thomas, Accountant

Amazing treatment for back pain

“Deb Valentin is the most talented acupuncturist and an amazing healer. I’ve gone to a few community hours acupuncture places in the past and nothing has come remotely close to what Deb does. I have chronic back pain with sometimes unmanageable spasms and she simply gets rid of them within a visit. Deb genuinely cares about her patients and heals in such a holistic mindful way. I highly recommend her.”

Heather C., Actress
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Our mission from the beginning was to help others. We believe in combining our love for medicine with really excellent patient care. Every patient, no matter what.