In Chinese Medicine, summer is part of the “yang” season designated by the warm weather. It is the time of year when the body’s energy is exuberant and at it’s “utmost peak”. In keeping balance and health, it is important to eat in accordance with the seasons. Since summer is marked by heat, it is important to eat foods that clear heat and generate fluids. Too much heat in the body can lead to restlessness, insomnia, and irritability, as well as skin disorders and arthritis.

In Chinese Medicine, food and herbs have energetic properties that influence the body. Foods have a temperature (which does not mean cooked or raw) and certain foods correspond to certain organs. In the summer, cool foods that cool down the body and also aid in nourishing fluids are recommended.


Watermelon is both a food and an herb in Chinese Medicine. It helps to clear summer heat,nourish fluids and decrease pathological fluids. The rich moisture of the fruit helps one cool off on a hot summer day. Watermelon seeds are used for their diuretic properties because they help promote urination, thus reducing swelling in humid weather.


Cucumber, in Chinese Medicine, is cool in nature so it helps to clear heat as well as nourish fluids and boost kidney essence. It has anti-inflammatory properties help sore throats, arthritis, rashes, impotence and frequent urination. It’s moistening properties help to moisten dryness, which is why it is a great skin replenisher.


In TCM, strawberries help to nourish lung fluids and strengthen the digestive system. Strawberries are also bountiful in vitamin A, folate and antioxidants. Strawberries benefit a dry cough and their diuretic qualities help to promote difficult urination. You can add strawberries to yogurt, salads or even dessert!


Mint, known as bo he in Chinese Medicine, and is also put in herbal prescriptions for its medicinal value. Studies show that it can ward off certain bacteria and viruses. In Chinese Medicine, it is cool and aromatic and can treat a sore throat, red eyes, irritability and rashes. Mint is also great for sinus congestion.

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