In order to truly heal patients of health disorders, it is important to understand the emotional aspect that may be a causative factor to why their individual health issue came about. In Chinese Medicine, there are seven emotions. Each emotion is normal to experience, but an exuberance of any one emotion can affect certain organ systems in the body and result in health disorders.

A bereavement or situation where someone is grieving can affect the lung organ. Asthma, chronic cough or shortness of breath can develop from grief.

Extreme sorrow also affects the lungs and can result in lung pathology.

Worry affects the digestive system. People who worry all the time can experience digestive system disorders such as IBS, bloating or gas.

Fear affects the kidneys. In Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are the organs responsible for development of the body, bone structure and reproductive development. Health disorders that may develop as a result of fear include urinary problems, back issues, menstrual disorders or sexual disorders.

Joy affects the heart. Although joy is an emotion that most people like to experience, an excess of the emotion can affect the heart because it can lead to sorrow. Physical manifestations may be heart palpitations, excessive laughter, poor concentration and memory.

Anger and pent up emotions lead to frustration, which affects the liver. Painful menstruation, PMS, shortness of breath, UTI’s and headaches can appear.

Fright affects the heart organ, which can manifest in a similar manner to the heart disorders seen in too much joy. Examples include heart palpitations, poor concentration and memory, or waking up suddenly at 5am.

Developing a keen sense of awareness to your body enables you to understand how emotions can affect your overall health. Ultimately, we need to treat not only our physical ailments, but also emotional imbalances in order to truly heal the body and treat the root cause of certain ailments and disease.

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