Acupuncture is one of the leading treatments used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine, one of the world’s oldest and most powerful traditional medicines, is used in today’s modern world to combat and treat many health disorders.

Acupuncture is the insertion of small thin needles into certain points located on the body’s surface. There are hundreds of points throughout the body and each point influences the body’s internal dynamics in a different way. To create homeostasis within the body, a combination of points is used to release a therapeutic affect on an individual.

When a person has a health issue, understanding the root issue, followed by treating the specific root issue, helps the body heal naturally. Mostly importantly, it is a non-invasive way to help treat health conditions. The reason I love acupuncture and why I practice, is because I believe in healing people by treating the root issue and not just covering up symptoms.

Let’s look at how a treatment works. When patients first come into my office for an initial consultation, I go through their health history, and ask many questions in order to understand what types of imbalances are present.Since the body works as a whole, if someone came to me for digestive system issues, factors such as sleep, anxiety, stress, as well as their energy level, gives me input to the root of their digestive system issues. Once I understand the underlying issues of their digestive system issues, I form an acupuncture treatment protocol. I then use a combination of acupuncture points, which may be on the stomach, hands, legs, feet and/or head. Each acupuncture point affects the body’s internal organs, energy flow, and circulation, and in combination, these points aid in strengthening the digestive system as well as unblocking any stuck energy. Of course, a certain amount of treatments are needed in order to alleviate the symptoms. The most important thing I tell patients is that treatments work on a root level so as they feel better, the main goal is to change any lifestyle habits in order to truly transform their health and prevent their health issues from coming back.

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