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Creating Optimal Fertility – Part I Enhancing Cervical Mucus

If you are trying to get pregnant, it is important to understand your body’s natural fertility signs because there is a certain window of opportunity in a women’s monthly cycle that allows her the ability to get pregnant. In my experience, a lot of couples are not educated on small changes that can really enhance their fertility.

One of the ways that you can check for your highest fertility time is through observation of your cervical discharge. The body has an amazing ability to try and get pregnant and cervical mucus is an important factor.

Cervical mucus

After your period, your cervix is dry and you do not notice any cervical discharge. Prior to ovulation, you will begin to notice cervical discharge that may be thick, white and creamy. As you get closer to ovulation, your cervical mucus becomes thinner until it is egg white, slippery and stretchy. The most abundant of the egg white, stretchy cervical discharge is your “peak” fertility time and this is the most optimal time to conceive. Egg white, slippery, stretchy discharge seen around ovulation is very important because it:

  • Protects Sperm against the otherwise acidic environment.
  • Helps Sperm Swim — This type of cervical discharge nourishes sperm and helps sperm swim up the cervical canal into the fallopian tubes where conception takes place.
  • Filters Abnormal Sperm — This type of cervical discharge slows down abnormal sperm so it enhances the body’s ability for natural selection to take place.

After ovulation you will notice that your cervical discharge dries up. The best way to check for your fertile cervical discharge is to wash your hands and insert your index finger up into your cervix. This should be done around day 11 of your cycle or two to three days before ovulation. You should be able to get cervical mucus onto your fingers and then when you pull out try to stretch this cervical discharge between your index finger and thumb. Observe if the mucus is egg white, slippery and stretchy. Optimal mucus should be egg white and stretch at least 1 cm.

Enhancing Fertile Cervical Discharge

Some women may experience scanty cervical discharge or may not notice any cervical discharge at all. In Chinese Medicine, scanty cervical discharge signifies a “dry” environment which is not optimal for conception to take place. Think of planting a seed in soil in dry soil. Because cervical mucus is critical to getting pregnant, there are ways that you can enhance fertile cervical discharge.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is extremely effective in helping increase fertile cervical mucus.

A common formula that I base many of my follicular herbal treatments is called Liu Wei Di Huang Wan. Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is a very nourishing formula that helps to boost estradiole levels and increase fertility. Within a certain amount of cycles, you should be able to begin to clearly see fertile mucus. This is a great indicator of fertility enhancement.

Another way to enhance cervical health is to make sure to have at least 8 ounces of water per day. Robittussin or mucinex can also enhance cervical discharge. Both these types of medication, which are commonly used for head colds, are helpful because they work to descend cervical mucus.

Pre-seed is a lubricant that is sperm friendly. All other types of lubricants can kill off sperm.

You also want to avoid anything that can tend to dry cervical discharge. Decrease caffeine intake to one cup of coffee per day. Alcohol should be limited to one drink 2 x per week. Antihistamines, anti-depressants and other types of medications should also be avoided since they tend to dry cervical mucus.

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