In treating health conditions, dietary recommendations based in Tradtional Chinese Medicine are given to each patient.

Chinese Medical Diet: How Food Can Help Heal

In Chinese Medicine, diet plays a huge role in the health and longevity of an individual. In conjunction with acupuncture and herbs, diet is used to help restore health in the body when illness and health disorders arise. In Chinese Medicine, diet can play a big role in helping to [...]

Natural Ways To Support Female Health

With so many demands on women today, it can be difficult to give your body the proper nutrition it needs. Eating highly processed foods and neglecting to take in the vitamins and minerals you need can wreak havoc on your body. A lack of whole foods can lead to hormonal [...]

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Foods for Fertility

Health issues, stress and age are all major factors that influence the ability to conceive. With nearly three million women facing fertility challenges in America each year, its important to realize that you are not alone and that there a number of treatments that can help you. In Chinese Herbal [...]

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The Chinese Medical Perspective of Four Summer Foods

In Chinese Medicine, summer is part of the “yang” season designated by the warm weather. It is the time of year when the body’s energy is exuberant and at it’s “utmost peak”. In keeping balance and health, it is important to eat in accordance with the seasons. Since summer is [...]

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