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Deb Valentin Sage Wellness

Deb Valentin, M.S., L.Ac


Deb Valentin is the founder of Sage Wellness. With over 13 years in clinical practice, she is dedicated, intuitive, and compassionate in helping others in their quest for health. Deb brings an extensive knowledge and skill set in multiple modalities to provide whole body healthcare rooted in Eastern medicine, while working side by side with Western doctors and practices.

She is a licensed acupuncturist with a Masters in Health Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as a Chinese Herbalist who tailors treatment to target immediate goals, while listening and fully understanding symptoms — when and why they show up — that nourish the whole body. Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Support help rebalance the body, supporting the natural healing effect to take place.

After starting the first wellness curriculum for an international school in Dubai, Deb decided to bring her global experience to New York City where she is highly respected as a leading integrative healthcare expert on family planning, enhancing fertility, and women’s wellness. She has been a frequent speaker in Washington D.C., New York, and Dubai, as well as a contributor for Rave Sq. magazine and Dannon Facebook. She also served on the Board of Resolve, a non-profit organization that supports the advocacy of infertility.

Deb is also highly sought after for, not only, utilizing both Eastern and Western medicines to empower her patients, but for her incredible commitment and intuition as a trusted partner, guide, and constant support for her patient’s optimal and lasting health journey.

I became a practitioner because of my own health journey into alternative treatments due to a bad back injury that left me with one solution: surgery and not ever being active again. At 24 years old, an athlete and outdoors person, this was not going to be my future. I began my quest in alternative treatments for my own health. That is when I found the powerful effects of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Acupuncture not only healed my back, it helped my stomach and left me always feeling peaceful. My partnership with my practitioner was he was involved in my overall health care, answered questions. My father is a doctor and has been a big influence in the way I practice. Putting in good care and intention and build a good relationship with my patients to serve their whole health. I am honored to be a part of patients’ health and support them in their journey to health and transformation.

— Deb
Sara Scrivano Sage Wellness

Sara Scrivano

D.C., L.Ac

Sara is a licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Doctor of Chiropractic in New York state. She is passionate about educating patients and empowering individuals to recognize the power they have over their own health. She practices from a space of care and empathy to provide tailored treatments for all individuals.

While attending Binghamton University for her undergraduate education, she started to discover her purpose within holistic medicine. Through her own personal journey of learning how to feel fulfilled and healthy she discovered her skills in helping others on their own road to health.

Sara approaches wellness by applying the philosophies and tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with functional and orthopedic medicine. She has a passion for womens health and embodies a true care as well as good clinical skills to help her patients heal and achieve their health goals.

I am proud to practice a form of medicine that views the body as a whole and not just separate working parts; one that treats the mind and the body in unison. I am grateful to have found my place within the framework of complementary medicine and I am profoundly excited to share all that I can with others.

— Sara
Sage Wellness Office Manger

Molly Ross

Sage Wellness Office Manager

Molly welcomes all our patients and manages all aspects of Sage Wellness office administrative needs and provides tremendous support to our staff and patients. Originally from Michigan, Molly currently resides in Brooklyn NY. Her ongoing interest in healing, wellness, and finding balance is prompted by her creative work as a professional dancer and yoga instructor. She has a diverse history of administrative experience, and is thrilled to be in an environment as nourishing and impactful as Sage Wellness.